Militant Christianity

Militant Christianity

Even the title "Militant Christianity" sounds "a bit extreme".  Perhaps it brings to mind thoughts of some militant Koran-obeying Muslim chopping off someone's head or detonating a bomb at a peaceful family wedding.

I am sorry to disappoint you, but Militant Christianity is nothing of that sort.  Militant Christianity instead refers to Christians standing up for Jesus and the Bible in a world filled with  violence and sin.  Militant Christianity therefore means refusing to be violent but also refusing to sin.  It is Christianity that stands for something!

Perhaps this is what you want deep down -- a Christianity that actually stands for Jesus and the Bible while and standing against this world's violence and sin.  If you want such a Christianity, then it is still available today.  Christians who stand up for Jesus and the Bible and therefore refuse to sin, (even if a pastor or other religious leader should command them to do so), are called Fundamentalist Baptists.

Now, I know that the term "Fundamentalist Baptist" has been misused lately by Pseudo-Fundamentalists like the late Jerry Falwell.  Jerry Falwell  sinned against Jesus and the Bible, by refusing to separate from the Great Roman Catholic Whore.  No, I don't mean phony so-called Fundamentalist Baptists like him.  I mean the real thing: true Fundamentalist Baptists.

True Fundamentalist Baptists believe the Bible -- every word of it.  They believe that every word of the Bible came from God and is therefore to be take very, very seriously.  Fundamentalist Baptists are therefore "Fundamental Baptists", because they believe every word of their Bibles.

Fundamentalist Baptists, however, also have two traits beyond that of other Fundamental Baptists:  They believe in "Biblical Separation" and "Militancy".  By Biblical Separation I mean that they believe in being separate from sin itself, as well as being separate from those who desire to commit sin.  Fundamentalist Baptists are therefore completely separate from the Great Whore of Roman Catholicism.

The other trait is "Militancy".  This does not mean physical violence of any kind.  Instead, it is the idea that Jesus and the Bible come first.  No other standard, no other authority, no other desire of life is more important to a True Fundamentalist Baptist than obeying Jesus and the Bible.  No, Jesus and the Bible always come first to a true Fundamentalist Baptist.

Is this what you are after?  Are you after "Real Christianity", (not the phony "Bapticatholic" or "Pseudo-Fundamentalist" stuff - the real thing)?  Then come to Jesus.  Let Him wash your sins in His blood.  Then get into a good Fundamentalist Baptist Church.  Live for Jesus.  Be a Militant Christian in an age of apostasy.  May God bless you as you do it!